I’ve been an avid ‘simmer’ for many years.  I played a few dynasties in TS3 but found I didn’t have the time anymore when TS4 launched.

It turns out that I missed the structure and creativity a dynasty affords.  I need goals and rules.  I tire of open-ended play rather quickly.

The Accidental Time Traveler Legacy is not my original idea – really – I’m not that creative.   Credit for the idea and rules goes to Charliimai TS4.

I hope you enjoy reading my story.  Feel free to leave comments (especially ones telling me how wonderful it is.)  J/K…please just be polite with your comments.  As Mama Mercer would say, ‘Just because this is the interwebz that’s not an excuse for bad manners.’  Mama was a woman ahead of her time.

Happy Simming!

~ Katluvr ~